Great Low Carb 65 Calorie Plain Bagels
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Do not order these using the flat rate or fedex ground option east of the rocky mountains. They spoil much faster than the regular 120 calorie version of the bagels in warm weather. If you need to order the low calorie version, please use fedex express saver(3 day) 2 day or overnight otherwise we cannot do anything about spoilage.


Only 2 net carbs and 65 calories for each 2 oz bagel! Lab Tested! Scroll though Images to see nutritional label and ingredients

6 Bagels per bag

Low carb/Low calorie bagels = neutral on all Steps of The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle


Summer Blend **** May-October we have a summer blend which we have to add more natural preservative called Enzyme to our products so that they don't spoil in the summer heat. What the preservative does is inhibits the growth of yeast which makes the texture more dense and slightly smaller. It does not affect the flavor or the weight. Its necessary for us to do it this way otherwise we couldn't ship the bread. If its a little dry for your tastes, we recommend putting a damp paper towel over a few slices of bread or bagel and microwaving for 1-15 seconds and then you can put in a toaster and will be perfect.

Great Low Carb 65 Calorie Plain Bagels

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